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Welcome to Mountain Sage Handcrafting!


My name is Kevin Sims and I am the founder of this venture. My love of building started at the age of 5 when my father bought a condemned two story Victorian Era House which was stripped to the studs and rebuilt to era. From that point on wood and anything I could put together with it became fair game. 

I never intended to be a contractor or carpenter as my education and early employment were pastoring churches. However during this time I started taking on small projects of my own as a secondary income, using knowledge gained as a child, and grew through working under various contractors through my teens and early twenties.

As my family began to grow, I made a complete career change to meet growing financial needs. I became a loans and investment officer in a bank, still taking the odd job on the side, sometimes for myself, sometimes for contractors short of workers. During this time my love of playing guitar also immersed me in the world of exotic woods and fine woodworking ranging from furniture building to wood-turning, and eventually maybe a few guitars of my own. 

After rising to branch manager and realising I did not want to spend the rest of my working days in a high stress sales environment behind a desk, I began to pray and reconsider my options. There was one constant line of work I had done and enjoyed since childhood. With bank management experience, carpentry experience under numerous teachers and trades, and church management experience, it only seemed to make sense to start a business doing something I loved. It was a huge risk to give up a promising career in banking, but one that has paid off immeasurably, not just financially but for my own wellbeing and that of my family.

We are not perfect, but we strive for excellence in everything we do. We aren't just doing this for a paycheque, but because we love the work, and firmly believe that in everything we do, we do it as though it were for our Lord Jesus Christ. 


Thanks for checking us out and have a great day!

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